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How to make a vegie bed from sleepers.

List of materials: - 4x timber sleepers. They can be railway, redgum or treated pine; supports to hold the timber upright (see our staff in the store for the right choice for you); 1 cubic metre of Daisy's organic mix soil or Daisy's vegie mix.

Method: - Select an area in your yard that receives plenty of sunlight. Mark out an area of 2.5m by 2.5m. Clear the area so it is free from grass, weeds, rubbish etc. Dig the area thoroughly, turning the soil completely to the depth of a spade (or as deep as you can). Place your sleepers to create a border around the freshly dug area and hammer the sleeper supports into the ground at each corner, fill the garden bed with the soil and level it out. Once all this is done, you can plant your vegetable seedlings directly into the new soil. There is no need to worry about burning the delicate roots of your vegetable seedlings, our soils are fine to plant straight into.



Best practice in mulching.

After the wet winter we have just had, now is the perfect time to capture all of that water that has fallen on your gardens and keep it in the soil, where it will do the most good. Start by clearing the weeds away from your garden beds. You can physically remove them or use a herbicide. Measure the length and depth of each garden bed you wish to mulch and multiply these 2 figures together to establish the area you are going to mulch. If you have more than one garden bed, calculate the area of each one (as described above) and add all the areas together. When mulching, you need to put the mulch on to a depth of 50-100mm, with 70mm being the optimum depth. Anything less than 50mm is a waste of time as the mulch will not be able to function properly. To calculate the volume of mulch you will need to multiply the total area you are mulching by the depth you want (.05=50mm, .07=70mm, .1=100mm). Select your mulch from the extensive range at Daisy's Garden Supplies, get it delivered or pick it up and lay it out. Your plants will thank you for helping to conserve all that soil moisture just for them!