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Mushroom Compost

Description: Composed of straw, wood shavings, horse and poultry manure, gypsum, peat and limestone, mushroom compost is a popular product for digging into your garden beds. It is a by-product of the mushroom growing industry. Mushroom compost is a rich source of organic matter and manures.

Usage: Product is suitable for use in garden beds. Dig it into your topsoil, to:

  • Increase organic matter levels
  • Improve soil moisture retention and improve soil moisture availability
  • Provide a range of trace elements and nutrients
  • Improve the physical properties of the soil, including its structure, friability and permeability
  • Enhance soil microbiology and encourage worms
  • Enhance overall soil health by allowing greater aeration
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Reduce soil erosion from wind and water

Please note product may not be suitable for all gardens, check with store before ordering.