How much firewood fits in a 6x4 trailer?

28 February 2024 by
Harley Thompson

In the realm of firewood transportation, understanding the capacity of your trailer is crucial for efficient planning and loading. For those utilising a 6x4 trailer, a common question arises: How much firewood can it actually hold?

The answer, while somewhat variable, hovers around a general estimate. On average, a 6x4 trailer can comfortably accommodate about 300kg, or 0.3 tonnes, of firewood.

This figure, of course, assumes that the wood is stacked in an orderly and space-efficient manner. The type of wood and its stacking method can cause this number to fluctuate, but as a rule of thumb, this estimate serves as a reliable guideline for those looking to transport firewood. Whether you're a homeowner stocking up for winter or a professional in the firewood business, this knowledge is essential for maximising your trailer's utility and ensuring a safe, well-balanced load.

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