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Garden soil delivery in Melbourne and Geelong

At Daisy’s, we understand the foundation of a thriving garden is its soil, compost and topsoil. Our extensive range ensures you find exactly what your garden needs. Our premium garden soil and lawn soil products cater to all green-thumbs, from the home gardener to the professional landscaper. For veggie enthusiasts, our Vegie Mix promises a nutrient-packed foundation, blending specially formulated soil enriched with mushroom compost and manures, ensuring your veggies get the nourishing start they deserve in your vegetable garden. Seek a lush lawn? Our Daisy's Lawn Mix is a harmonious blend of organic mix and sandy loam, meticulously tailored to nurture your lawns. Dive into our organic mix, a rich combination of garden soil enriched with organic matter, creating an idyllic environment for varied plant growth. And for the mushroom compost seekers, Daisy's Organic Mushroom Compost enriches gardens with its nutrient-dense composition. 

But our dedication doesn't end at the quality of our products. Our logistical prowess ensures our offerings, including soil delivery, compost delivery, topsoil delivery, and pick-ups, are seamless. With 8 stores conveniently located across Melbourne and Geelong, you're never too far from securing the best for your garden. Whether you're after screened topsoil, free from unwanted debris, or our cost-effective blended topsoil, combining the best of sandy and clay loam, we have you covered. And if “soil near me” or “topsoil near me” has been your recent search, look no further. Dive into the rich textures, supreme quality, and unparalleled convenience Daisy’s has to offer. Your garden will thank you. 


What is the best soil for Garden Beds? 

We highly recommend our Organic Mix for garden beds. Daisy's Organic Mix is a nutrient-rich blend of garden soil, enriched with composted organic matter and manures, ensuring optimal soil structure, enhanced microbiology, and versatility, promoting vibrant and robust plant growth.

What is the best soil for lawn? 

The ideal choice for lawns, especially in the Melbourne and Geelong regions, is Daisy's Lawn Mix. This premium soil blend, enriched with nutrients, is tailor-made to boost your grass's vibrancy, providing a lush green cover. Perfect for applications under instant turf, top-dressing, or any other lawn-related needs, its balanced water retention and drainage properties ensure a healthy root system, while its high nitrogen content promises thick, green growth. 

What is the best soil for vegetable garden? 

We recommend Daisy's Vegie Mix for vegetable gardens. This specially crafted blend, enriched with mushroom compost and manures, ensures nutrient-rich soil optimal for vigorous vegetable growth. Whether revitalising current soil or starting afresh, Daisy's Vegie Mix is your top choice for a hearty harvest. 

Garden soil vs Potting Mix? 

Check out our recent article where we discuss this content. 

What is the best soil for gardens on rooftops? 

We recommend our podium planter mix due to it’s lightweight characteristics if weight is a concern. 

What is Topsoil? 

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil, which is rich in organic matter and nutrients. In gardening, it's valued for its fertility and is often used as a base layer for planting or improving the soil structure in garden beds. 

Best premium Topsoil? 

We recommend Daisy's Blended Topsoil as the top choice for premium soil. A harmonious mix of sandy loam and clay loam, it delivers the best of both: the drainage and lightness of sandy loam, combined with the nutrient retention of clay loam. Not only is it versatile for various gardening projects, but its balance also makes it particularly advantageous for native plants. 

Best cheap Topsoil? 

For those seeking a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, we suggest Daisy's Screened Topsoil. This topsoil is screened to ensure a uniform texture, free from large debris, making it versatile for various gardening tasks. Notably, with no added composts or manures, it's the prime choice for nurturing native plants in their natural ecosystem, all while being friendly to your pocket. 

How much topsoil do I need? 

Use our trusty volume calculator to equate how much topsoil you will need for your project! 

Is Mushroom compost good? 

Absolutely! Mushroom compost, made from decomposed materials such as straw, wood shavings, and manures, is a potent organic fertiliser. After its initial use in mushroom farming, what remains is a rich compost perfect for enhancing garden soil. Daisy's Organic Mushroom Compost provides numerous benefits: 

What is Mushroom compost ph? 

Mushroom compost typically possesses a pH ranging from 6.5 to 7.5. Given its slightly acidic to mildly alkaline nature, it can be particularly useful for balancing out soils that lean too far towards the acidic side. 

Which compost is greenwaste? 

Revive Compost incorporates green waste, which comprises organic materials like grass, tree trimmings, branches, and food waste, sourced from garden or park maintenance. This compost meets and even surpasses the Australian Standard AS4454, ensuring its quality, consistency, and environmental responsibility. Choose Revive Compost for an eco-friendly addition to your garden. 

What vegetables like mushroom compost? 

Certain vegetables particularly thrive in mushroom compost due to its rich nutrient content. These include tomatoes, zucchinis, pumpkins, and root vegetables such as carrots and radishes. The nutrients in mushroom compost can help stimulate growth, increase yield, and enhance the taste of your homegrown produce. 

Where do you deliver to in Victoria? 

We offer prompt and reliable delivery services across Melbourne, Geelong and beyond. Check out our store locations and trust Daisy's Garden Supplies to deliver quality every time.