Lawn Seed & Care

Welcome to Daisy's Garden Supplies, your trusted destination for premium lawn seed in Melbourne, Geelong, and beyond. We take pride in exclusively stocking Lawn Pro’s lawn seed products – a leading brand synonymous with quality and resilience. Looking for the lush buffalo lawn seed or the adaptable kikuyu lawn seed? Our selection doesn't disappoint. Each seed blend, whether it's the high-end lawn pro buffalo blend or the value-packed lawn pro budget lawn seed, is designed for Australian conditions, ensuring your turf thrives year-round. From the robust Kentucky bluegrass, favoured for its deep green-blue colours, to the lawn pro fine couch blend, celebrated for its drought tolerance and winter green colour, our category is built for varied lawn aspirations. Plus, for those extensive projects or commercial needs, we offer lawn seed in bulk with our budget seed 20kg bags to ensure you're never short on quantity. 

Convenience is paramount to our customers, and understanding this, we've strategically located our eight stores across the Melbourne and Geelong regions. Whether you're in the heart of the city or anywhere else, a Daisy's Garden Supplies outlet will likely be within reach. And it doesn't end there! Recognising the increasing demand for doorstep deliveries, we're thrilled to offer lawn seed delivery, our delivery service is prompt and can be scheduled. Simply choose your preferred Lawn Pro product and order a delivery either via the phone or online. All our Lawn Pro products are blended & packaged in Melbourne, ensuring you receive local quality.