Potting Mix

At Daisy's, we offer the perfect potting mix tailored for those keen on growing vegetables, nurturing plants, or ensuring their orchids, succulents, and indoor plants thrive. Our affordable regular mix is perfect for germinating seedlings, flourishing vegetables, and creating expansive garden vistas on a budget. For those with a discerning touch in their gardens, our premium mix stands out, ensuring the vibrancy of flowers, shrubs, and hearty vegetables. Achieving the Australian Standards, the regular blend offers consistent moisture distribution, while our premium mix is enriched with water-retaining granules, slow-release fertilisers, and a nature-inspired plant stimulant. When you're in search of the best potting mix, Daisy’s should be your first choice. 

Deepening our commitment to the gardening community, Daisy’s seamlessly blends quality with convenience. With 8 store locations spread across Melbourne and Geelong, we're always within your reach. So, whenever “potting mix near me” or “potting soil Melbourne” springs to mind, turn to Daisy's. Our efficient delivery and pick-up services are designed for your ease, ensuring your gardening essentials are just a call or a short drive away. Every interaction, be it a delivery or pick-up, is a step towards nurturing your green space. Dive into the unparalleled quality and care that Daisy’s proudly offers with our quality potting mixes.


What is potting mix?: 

Potting mix, often referred to as potting soil or potting compost, is a medium in which plants, flowers, and vegetables are grown in containers. Unlike garden soil taken directly from the ground, potting mix is specially formulated to ensure good drainage, aeration, and the right texture to support root growth for plants in pots or containers. 

Potting mix vs garden soil? 

Check our most recent article to find out the differences and unique uses! To read click here.  

Potting mix Legionnaires disease? 

Legionnaires' disease can be contracted through inhaling dust from potting mix and compost containing the Legionella longbeachae bacteria. To reduce the risk while handling potting mix and compost, it's recommended that home gardeners wear a face mask and gloves, and subsequently wash their hands thoroughly. It's essential to take precautions to prevent potential lung infections from these sources. 

Can it be delivered to me? 

Yes, at Daisy's, we offer seamless delivery services for our potting mix range, ensuring gardeners in the Melbourne and Geelong areas receive their desired products right at their doorstep. 

How much potting mix do I need? 

The amount of potting mix you require depends on the diameter of your pot: 

  • For a pot diameter of 14CM/140MM, you'll need 1.5 Litres of potting mix. 
  • For a pot diameter of 18CM/180MM, you'll require 3.3 Litres of potting mix. 
  • For a pot size of 20CM/200MM, you'd need 4.5 Litres of potting mix. 
  • For 25CM/250MM pots, 8.5 Litres of potting mix is recommended. 
  • Pots with a diameter of 30CM/300MM will require 14.5 Litres of potting mix. 
  • For a larger 40CM/400MM pot, you'll need 27 Litres of potting mix. 
  • For a 50CM/500MM pot, a total of 52 Litres of potting mix is advised. 
  • If you're filling a HALF WINE BARREL, you'll require between 90 to 120 Litres of potting mix