Pebbles & Rocks

At Daisy's Garden Supplies, our extensive selection of pebbles and rocks, which promise to elevate any outdoor space. Our cream pebbles can create a statement in your project with their creamy hue (colour). Delve into our diverse selection of 25-40MM and 50-150MM Coloured Pebbles, screened to ensure consistency. If you're in pursuit of white pebbles and stones, our White Ice product is the ideal choice. Keen on a more natural look? Our authentic river rocks, sourced directly from our own quarries, come in sizes upwards of 100mm and boast a bold aesthetic. Many of our sought-after products are available both in bulk and bagged versions, catering to all your project needs. Our Granite Marbles comes in various sizes to make for an eye-catching addition, especially around natural water features. And, for those seeking to make a statement, our Mudstones and Moss Rocks sourced from Victoria's western plains are perfect for creating stunning rock walls and landscaping features. 

Located conveniently across Melbourne and Geelong, Daisy's ensures that our top-tier products are easily accessible, whether you're in search of pebbles in Melbourne, landscaping rocks in Geelong, or garden rocks near you. Whether you're on the hunt for garden stones for edging, garden rocks for decorative purposes, or bagged pebbles for easy transport, we've got you covered. Need bulk or delivery? Our fleet, ranging from tipping utes to large truck and trailer combinations, is equipped to deliver as little as 1 cubic meter to a whopping 50 cubic meters in a single go, ensuring timely and dependable service across Victoria. So, for all your pebbles and rocks needs, remember Daisy's - your trusted partner in elevating your outdoor spaces. 


What garden stones are the best for edging? 

Various rocks from our collection are apt for garden edging, depending on your landscaping vision. While we have multiple suitable options, we don't single out one as the absolute best. For more insights, consider checking our latest article on garden edging or consulting with our experienced staff. 

Pebbles for driveways and paths? 

While many pebbles in our Pebbles and Rocks category are primarily designed for decorative use, some can be used for walkways. Specifically, our coloured pebbles (25-40mm) are adequate for creating walking paths. However, for driveways, we highly recommend you explore our Specialised Pathways and Drives category. The products in this category are tailored for the specific pressures and wear-and-tear that driveways endure, ensuring longevity and durability. 

Garden rocks near me? 

If you're in the Melbourne or Geelong areas, Daisy's Garden Supplies offers a wide selection of garden rocks and pebbles across these areas with 8 stores across Melbourne and Geelong. Visit our nearest outlet or check our online catalog for quality products tailored to your landscaping needs.