Q: How much can I fit into my trailer?

A: Most normal sized trailers fit a half cubic metre of most products. Daisy’s Garden Supplies will only load trailers to a safe and legal limit.

Q: How much notice do I need to give for a delivery?

A: Daisy’s Garden Supplies endeavours to deliver within 2 hours.

Q: Is there a delivery charge?

A: For most deliveries, there is a delivery charge. The charge depends on the volume being delivered and the suburb it is being delivered to. Please ask about delivery charges when you place your order.

Q: How many products can I fit onto one truck?

A: There is a practical limit to how many products will fit on a truck load. We can fit 2 bulk products onto one truck up to a total volume of 4 cubic metres.

Q: How can I pay for a delivery?

A: Daisy’s Garden Supplies accepts credit card payments, EFT payments at the point of sale and cash on delivery. Daisy’s Garden Supplies does NOT accept cheques.

Q: What size trucks do you have?

A: We have many different size trucks. See our range of vehicles under the “Vehicle Requirements” section of the website.

Q: Can I purchase quantities less than 1 cubic metre?

A: Yes, you can buy as little as ¼ cubic metre, also ½ and ¾ cubic metre loads. We also have all our products available in bags. For most products, there are approximately 60 bags to the cubic metre. We have larger bags for our mulches. There are approximately 25 bags of mulch to the cubic metre.

Q: How thick should mulch be put down?

A: For a mulch to act effectively to suppress weeds, retain soil moisture and keep soil cool in summer, the minimum thickness is 50mm, anything less than that and the mulch is merely decoration. In most situations, mulch should be laid 50-100mm thick.

Q: Can I use treated pine sleepers around my vegie garden?

A: Treated pine sleepers bought from Daisy’s Garden Supplies are arsenic free and safe to use around vegie gardens.

Q: How much does 1 cubic metre cover?

A: 1 cubic metre covers 20 square metres to a depth of 50mm. If you increase the depth, you decrease the coverage. If you decrease the depth, you increase the coverage.

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