Daisy’s Garden Supplies has been actively involved in recycling, re-using and ensuring minimal waste since it started trading in 1980. Many of the products sold in our stores have been recycled and/or reclaimed.

  • Our soils are reclaimed from road building projects.
  • The composts we sell are sourced from suppliers that process the green waste picked up by councils with their kerbside pickups
  • All of our mulches are either a by-product of other industries or they are recycled from timber waste.
  • The railway sleepers are reclaimed from railway lines throughout the country
  • We sell recycled bricks and pavers, reclaimed from buildings
  • Our bluestone pitchers are recycled from laneways and buildings throughout Melbourne
  • Our cut sleeper firewood makes use of a resource that would otherwise be wasted
  • Even the bin walls in our yards are second hand concrete panels that would otherwise be taken away to be crushed up. Recycling maximises the use of each product, minimises the amount of material sent for landfill and mimimises waste.
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