Daisy’s Garden Supplies collects and stores soil in large stockpiles. Stockpiling soils for extended periods of time ensures that the majority of weed seeds die in the stockpile. We then screen the soil through a screening plant with a 12mm sieve size. This removes all material larger than this size from the soil and leaves the soil as a wonderful, finely graded, easy to use soil.

Similarly, with our organic matter and manures, we stockpile them to age them also. Whilst in the stockpile, the organic matter and manure starts to compost. These materials compost aerobically, meaning that the temperature within each of these stockpiles reaches temperatures of 60-70 degrees Celsius. Sustaining these temperatures for a minimum of 21 days ensures that weed seeds and other propagules are killed. This helps to provide you with soils, composts and manures that are as weed free as possible.

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